Have Yourself a Merry Little 5-Hand Christmas!

Do you find Christmas somewhat tiring and stressful? Especially finding perfect gifts? Then why not try a 5-hand Christmas this year? It’s a simple and down-to-earth gift-giving policy that could (finally) take the stress out of your Christmas gift-buying!

Have a Five Hand Christmas this year!

  • It’s a great way to take the commercialism and materialism out of Christmas.
  • The gifts are a lot of fun.
  • They are more personal, and therefore, more meaningful.
  • They can help teach kids (and ourselves) that to show love and care we don’t always have to spend money.
  • They don’t break the bank.
  • They’re better for the environment.
  • And all of those, to me, really do make for a Merry Christmas!

All gifts must fit into at least one of these categories:

HAND-made gifts.

1. HAND-made – by you personally.

None too great at crafts? Me neither and supplies have only recently become easier to find here in Italy. But you don’t necessarily have to give a handicraft. How about writing or recording some stories about your childhood for your children or grandchildren? A special photograph, enlarged and framed? Or something homemade from your kitchen? Everyone likes to eat!


2. HAND-me-downs.

Hand-me-downs, as gifts?? They often make surprisingly great gifts! Just because you no longer use them doesn’t mean someone else won’t. And this could also include passing down family heirlooms. Why wait until you’ve passed on? Wouldn’t it be nicer to personally witness their enjoyment of those treasured items?

But even that little-used coat, or gently used purse can still make great gifts. These things are not junk, but still useful items. Perhaps it’s time to start seeing that new is not always better. That showing love does not have to take money. And that the best gifts are really those that are given with thought and from the heart — whether from the mall or from our closets!

Second-HAND gifts.

3. Second-HAND items.

Perhaps someone on your list has dreamed of getting one certain thing. Kids especially tend to do this. They decide they want that and only that. Pick one up second-hand. And then use it as an opportunity to teach about Earth Care. Remember, every single manufactured item creates pollution and depletes natural resources!

Helping HAND gifts.

4. A helping HAND.

Some people really appreciate donations being given to charities or ministries, in their name. I remember one year our daughter and her family donated a goat in my name. I love goats, and loved the idea of knowing that a poor family was enjoying my goat for me!!

But the best helping hand gifts include giving of our time and presence. Visiting shut-ins, aiding the elderly, babysitting for harried parents, or coupons promising to do chores, etc. Now who couldn’t use a few of those? We recently visited a 97-year old shut-in, and she assured us that she would really treasure that visit a lot in the coming days. Such a simple thing. And I thought, we need to take time to do it more!

HAND-in-hand gifts.

5. HAND-in-hand gifts.

We can probably all say that we’ve received many gifts through the years. But the things we often treasure most are special times with our loved ones.

So give your loved ones the special gift of being together. Plan a date night, a family day at the zoo, a family game night, ice cream every night for a week, and so on. Because in the long run, what our friends and families really want is our presence and involvement. Time for caring and sharing. Or just spending a day together, with phones and devices shut off. Or (gasp!) even left at home. Hand-in-hand gifts are things to treasure all year-long!

We can show love and appreciation for others without buying into today’s consumeristic Christmas!

We CAN show love and appreciation for others without buying into today’s consumerist Christmas!

And protect our precious earth at the same time, because these gifts involve re-using or up-cycling! The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! Which makes me think…maybe jars of canned olives, straight from our very own trees would make yummy gifts!

And now, give us a hand and share your suggestions!

Images | From Pixabay: Gift by JESHOOTS; Soap by silviarita; China by sisteriron; Wagon by KRriemer; .| From Unsplash: Car wash by Adrian Dascal;. Couple by Crew .

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