I want to walk to God’s heartbeat. Don’t you? Then why do we so often take the easy way out? Our early church fathers, the early missionaries, and even Christ himself purposely chose the hard way, the way of self-denial. They chose to follow God’s way – regardless of the cost and even when it made things harder. But we often fall into the tendency of pleasing ourselves. Or doing just enough to get by, don’t we?

We live in troubled times. Confusion abounds, and boundaries of truth fade in the distance. Yet statistics sadly state that most Christians spend little or no time in Bible reading and prayer. And we fall into the trap of filling our lives with social media, games, entertainment, and shopping.

I fear we forget that God’s word is not a book of suggestions. That it is a book of life-changing commandments calling us to a higher, deeper life, life.

Yet I really do want a deeper walk with God, and I’m sure you do too.

So how can we learn to walk to God’s heartbeat?

  1. By spending time in prayer and in his word.
  2. By choosing to follow him wholeheartedly, even at great personal cost, like C.T. Studd did.
  3. By living with intentional commitment, choosing what is best, and sticking to it.
  4. By simplifying our lives, homes, and commitments, to concentrate on what we know is truly important.
  5. By overcoming fear, courageously taking a stand for all that is right.
  6. And by learning to courageously walk against the current, like the ten Boom family.

But courage like this will not come from time scrolling social media, in front of the TV or computer, entertaining ourselves, or doing just enough to get by.

Such courage is not easy, and only comes by listening for God’s heartbeat.

By learning his word and discovering what is important to him. And by listening to hear not only God’s faintest whisper, but his very heartbeat.

And in this generation, so out of touch with God and his ways, it’s more important than ever that we hear his voice. Otherwise, what words of wisdom and truth can we speak into today’s confusion?

But with God’s truth to guide us, we have what this world needs to hear!

Image is my own.

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