Travel Light!

The reminder of this Spanish proverb to travel light is just in time for the summer holidays! Travel light, because “on a long journey even a straw weighs heavy.” Which anyone who has dragged too much luggage around can attest to!

We are all on the long (yet brief) journey of life. So it’s is a good reminder for daily living too. To travel light, shedding the weight and burden of all the things Christ doesn’t want us to cling to. Things like rancor, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, greed, gossip… Oh my, the list could go on and on. But the important thing to remember is to pack lightly for trips. And to go through life with a free and cleansed heart too!


Images: Pink beverage by lograstudio from Pixabay. |Blue beverage on graphic by grmarc from Canva.

Spring Cleaning? Time to Declutter!

When we moved to our current area of Italy and into a house half the size of what we’d had up north, I started seeing the necessity of decluttering. Our house was bulging with stuff! Life here in our peaceful valley is slower too. Which really helps us focus on the value of slowing down to concentrate on the truly important things of life.

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Old and Abandoned: On Homes Forgotten

As we travel about the Italian countryside, old abandoned houses like this are a sight we often see. And they never fail to fill my heart with sadness. A sort of longing for what must have been. I picture cozy families gathered around the hearth, children playing in the garden. And entire families gathering grapes from once-flourishing vineyards.

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